When I originally set out to write a blog on questions to ask your wedding photographer it was intended to be a short list of questions.   After a bit of brainstorming I quickly realised that I’ve been asked a LOT of questions over the past couple of years and that my original blog had the makings of a very long (and probably not exciting) blog.   So to keep you all a little interested I split it into two.

Part One of this blog can be found here

  1. What happens if it rains or snows at our wedding?

The short answer is that I normally get quite wet while ensuring you stay as dry as possible!   I have a couple of umbrellas in the car which apart from keeping you dry also look good in photographs! 

During my recce of the venue before your wedding I’ll check out some wet weather locations if conditions are too bad to go outside.   

I’ve shot in snow and torrential rain before, and done properly you can get some fantastic images.

  1. Is it Ok for my guests to take photos?

Of course – all I ask is that they give me the space to get the images I need, and then I will happily let them snap away.   

The internet is full of horror stories about guests getting in the way of crucial shots (normally during the service!) so it would be appreciated if you can let everyone know that you have spent a lot of money on a professional so they really don’t need to stand in the aisle with their iphone as you walk down it.

  1. How long will the group shots take?

Normally I would say allow 5 minutes for each family group shot, and up to 15 minutes to get a shot of everyone.

I always go to a wedding with a list of group shots printed up. I then try to get the ushers to gather people together as needed to save time.   

Obviously the more group shots you want, then the longer you will be away from your guests.   Typically most wedding have 8-10 formal family shots and shot of everyone.

Don’t forget that you will also want to factor in time for your couples shots – the longer we can spend on this the better, but ideally we’d like 35-40 minutes at some point during the proceedings.

  1. I have some ideas for images – can we incorporate them?

Certainly!   I’d love to hear about what influences you and work with you to try and capture them.

  1. Who will take my images? You or another photographer we have never met?

I’m a one man band so in almost every instance it will be me.   The only times it will be someone else would be if I am ill or if I had employed a second shooter for the day – in that case they may cover various segments for me.

  1. How far ahead of my wedding do I need to book?

We can take booking as far ahead as you like, and at the same time have taken on clients just days before their wedding.   Obviously we all get booked up during wedding season, so the sooner you can make a decision the better – normally after your venue is booked is a good time to focus on photographers with booking 9 months to a year ahead usual.

  1. Are you worth the money you charge? Why can’t I just get a friend to do it cheaper?

You can – but will they be able to cover all eventualities, process the images and supply any products you want?   The internet is full of articles about why professional photographers charge so much – you have to factor in all the equipment, hours of processing, travel, insurance and multitude of other bills before even looking at how much we’d like to earn for a days work.   Personally I am at the lower middle end of the scale and consider I offer fantastic value for the service provided.

  1. How do you make us relaxed in front of the camera?

Getting married is a big event and it’s a given that you will be nervous.   Add in the fact that you don’t like having you photo taken and there is a relative stranger following you around doing just that, and its not surprising that you will need help relaxing.

Apart from my obvious charm and whit there are several other things I can do to help you relax.

We’ll meet before the wedding (and sometimes before you even book), so you’ll know me a little come the big day.

On the day I will be there every step of the way, helping you out and offering reassurance – even running off to get drinks of pass on messages if needed.

Next there is my shooting style – I’m pretty laid back and like to hang around in the background as much as possible – hopefully after a while you will forget I am there and just relax naturally.

Finally, I can offer a pre-wedding shoot (these are inclusive on my full day package).   We’ll meet up a month or so before your wedding and do a relaxed, informal couples shoot so you get used to both me and the camera. As a bonus to this, the images taken at the shoot can be used for products such as signing boards on your wedding day.

Take a look at my testimonials page to see how some of my previous clients have felt after hiring me for their wedding

  1. How will you help with my timing on the day?

At the pre-wedding meeting we’ll go over the timelines and figure out how long you need to allow for things such as group shots, couples shots etc. and any other concerns we might have (such as travel times between venues clashing with the time for your canapés).

On the day I’ll be keeping an eye on things to make sure we are not over running and coordinating with the wedding planner / event manager to ensure things go smoothly from my side.

  1. Should we feed you?

That is entirely down to you. I don’t insist on it like some photographers do, but I am very grateful when you offer it. Often we’ll be working 12-14 hours on a wedding day, so some sustenance and refreshment is needed to allow us to survive until the last dance!   A bar meal or plate from the caterers in a quiet place while you are eating your wedding breakfast (and we are not shooting) is much appreciated.

  1. What shots will you get at the ceremony?

That is normally down to the officiates at the wedding – often in churches we will be told we can only shoot from one location, or at certain times. Registrars are normally a little more relaxed and allow us to move around more, but at the same time we will not do that and be disruptive. 

It is up to you to chat with the relevant authorities before hand to determine if there are restrictions, so it’s not a shock on the day when the church bars everyone (including your professional photographer) from taking photos.

  1. Have you taken images at my venue before?

Its possible. Even if I have I will still carry out a full recce before your wedding – this will include the looking for best places for group shots, wet weather contingencies and even what direction the light is going to be at a certain time of the day.   Often I’ll also make a second visit the day before the wedding if you are having a rehearsal to meet everyone involved and go over any final details.

  1. What do you wear to weddings?

Normally a suit so that I blend in (although that is difficult with 2 large cameras around my neck!).   If it’s really hot then I might have to ditch the jacket and tie and just be super smart casual.   I won’t ever turn up in jeans…

  1. How many weddings will you book for a weekend.

One – yours

  1. How long have you been shooting weddings and how many have you shot?

I started assisting at weddings in 2009 and shot my first wedding as the primary photographer in 2011. Over 20 at the last count.

  1. If my wedding is out of your area do you charge a travel fee?

Travel up to 100 miles from BH25 is included with the package. Any other travel or overnight accommodation with incur a further charge.

  1. Will you be posting about our wedding on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, blogs)?

Very probably.   Copyright of the images stays with the photographer, and we often use them for promotional purposes.   If you do not wish us to use your images online, then please let us know and we won’t do it.

Hopefully you are still with me – if so congratulations!

If you would like more information, have any questions I have missed, or to book me for your wedding then please contact me

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