Hi there,

I’m Sean, the guy behind the camera at Sillick Photography. I’m a Hampshire and Dorset wedding photographer, and one of the great things about photographers is that we’re all a little bit different, we’re all a little bit unique in our own way. So here’s a little bit about me.

This is the point where some photographers might start reeling off their list of achievements. I’d prefer to tell you why I do what I do, because a wedding is a very personal thing, and I think it’s important to know who’s going to be sharing -­‐ and documenting -­‐ this special time with you.

I’m based just outside Lymington, in the town of New Milton where I live with my wife and two young daughters -­‐ all of whom are long suffering photographic models (I’m pretty sure my youngest daughter’s first word was “cheese!”).

The New Forest has got everything -­‐ wildlife, dramatic scenery, rolling hills, beachscapes, the lot -­‐ and I count myself lucky that I live in such a beautiful (and naturally photogenic) corner of the world. Being right on the border of Hampshire and Dorset means it’s easy for me to get around too, not just within these counties but to venues all along the South Coast.

Let’s rewind a little to the early days. I wasn’t born with a camera round my neck. I had an interest in photography during my teenage years but it wasn’t until my own wedding day that I really found my inspiration. The day flew by so fast that when I looked through the photos afterwards I realised I had forgotten so much! My wedding photographer, Stuart Cooper -­‐ a Hampshire wedding photographer -­‐ was superb and he really inspired me to get back into photography. He’s also as patient as a saint, and he let me follow him around and help out at various events.

I gradually developed my own style of photography over the years, focusing on portraits, maternity, lifestyle shots and landscapes as well as weddings, and I love putting a contemporary twist on wedding photography. But first and foremost, I always listen to what is being asked of me. Your photographs should last forever, so they need to be right -­‐ and at the risk of sounding cheesy, it makes me feel pretty honoured to be part of your own history in the making, so I always ask my clients to share any ideas or requests with me.

As they say, a picture paints a thousand words. It’s true, but to me, it’s not quite a full story. To see the big picture, you first need to document those little moments that come and go in a flash. That’s what fascinates me -­‐ it’s those tiny moments in time when no-­‐one’s paying attention, nobody’s looking, and there’s no posing or “saying cheese”. This is what I love to document, and it’s especially important to capture these moments on your wedding day.

Of course the group shots and family gatherings will always be a huge part of wedding day photographs, but like I said, it’s not the full picture. I also love to focus on those moments that you won’t even remember. A fleeting smile, a quick glance, a pensive look, those tiny details that you spent hours preparing. Take a quick look through my wedding portfolio and you’ll see what I mean.

These are the moments you’ll probably forget -­‐ just like I did -­‐ but sometimes these are the most special, and that’s probably why I love documenting weddings so much.

So if your big day is approaching, or you’d like to document an engagement, a celebration, a family gathering, or just a moment in time that’s special to you, do get in touch -­‐ I’d love to help tell your story.

Sean Sillick

Wedding & Lifestyle Photographer, Hampshire